"LCM Consultancy" (Life Center Management Consultancy) is known as one of the most reliable organization which is based on the “Life Cycle Management Principles” to offer services and business consulting about the energy and environmental management in Thailand. LCM Consultancy has the mission to serve the needs of the industrial environmental management in aspect of life cycle thinking which this type of organization is really rare in this region.

Researchers and consultant for engineering, energy and environmental solutions

Partner Dealer with PRé Consultants, Netherlands which is known as the leader in shaping and supporting LCA of the world to supply Thailand’s most widely used LCA Software : SimaPro

Organizer of conferences, workshops and training courses to share the information with the industrial clients such as International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation (ICGSI) in year 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015.



SimaPro training : Effective with SimaPro

SimaPro training : Effective with SimaPro

LCM consultancy provides you with a two-day SimaPro training course for understanding of LCA methodology and how to carry out an LCA studies by using SimaPro. During training course, you will understand, analyse and create your database in SimaPro.

Training topics:

LCA methodology

  • Concept of Life Cycle Assessment and case studies

SimaPro training

  • Introduction to SimaPro
  • Life Cycle Assessment with SimaPro
  • Workshop and case studies